Monday, 10 December 2012

Razzle Dazzle 'Em With Art Deco

I've always been interested in the culture of the 1920s. I studied 1920s America as part of my A-level in History (albeit a fair few years ago now) and got caught up in learning about the glamour, liberation and razzle dazzle fashion of those interwar years, mixed in of course with prohibition, scandalous gangsters like Al Capone and the march toward the Great Depression.

2012 has been heavily influenced by the 1920s in many ways too, partly because Downton Abbey entered its 20s phase, but mostly because the new The Great Gatsby film was supposed to come out this month. Fashion designers have taken their inspiration from the much anticipated film... only for it to be announced that it will now be released next summer. Oops. Perhaps the catwalks should have featured hobbit feet and elf ears instead...

Anyway, I've certainly been taking more of an interest in Art Deco over the past few months. The sharp edges, angular shapes and black and white all make an interesting contrast to the pastels and ditsy prints I'm usually drawn to. 2012 has been an iconic year, so it seems rather magical to me that the dominating style influence of this year has been eighty years old, yet it still looks totally modern and cutting edge.

Hopefully I'll find the time to add some art deco influence to my craft projects over the next few months, perhaps with some fabulous new buttons? But in the meantime I've been browsing Etsy for some rather hotsy totsy art deco style finds. They're the real McCoy...

1. Plush Flapper Doll by Flapper Doodle 2. Chevron Art Deco Pendant Necklace 3. Up Art Deco-style film poster 4. Aphrodite Pill Box Case 5.  Verdigris Over Rose Gold Cuff 6. Art Prints 7. Perfume Bottles 8. Wallpaper 9. Aqua Blue Watch Pendant

1. Cocktail Shaker 2. Owl iPhone 5 Case 3. Dragonfly Bracelet 4. Rose Print Make Up Bag 5. Portrait of Inventor Nikola Tesla 6. Stained Glass Mirror 7. Theodora Bracelet 8. Diamante Hair Grips 9. Bauhaus Poster Print

I was soaking in the bath last night and imagining having a black and white art deco bathroom one day. I reckon a mirror and a few perfume bottles like the ones above would look marvellous! Perhaps I'll pass on the bath having clawed feet though.

Does art deco do it for you?

Have a swell Monday,

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  1. Ooh Anna- your timing is amazing! I love the 1920s and we actually spent this weekend searching for art deco furniture as we're slowly trying to replace our begged, stolen and borrowed furniture we've had for years with vintage pieces!

    1. I think we're going to need to see some of this furniture, as that sounds like such an amazing task to tackle!

  2. I'm always on the lookout for art deco since we live in a 20s house. I've been lucky enough to find several pieces around town. Eeek I always have to restrain myself from bobbing my hair, too. So not a good idea with my hair and face shape!

    1. I'm jealous of your 20s house even though I haven't seen it! I've had a bob a couple of times, but actually find it harder work than long hair as I can never have a day where I don't bother to style it. It looks amazing on some women though! x


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