Monday, 21 May 2012

Chocolate Digestive Crunch

This recipe's been in my family for a few generations now, and nobody seems to know where it came from. All I know is that if it got any easier to make...well, it can't. The only thing easier than this is bunging some chocolate digestive biscuits on a plate and having done. And where's the fun in that?!

You will need:

4oz/113g butter
8oz/225g plain digestive biscuits
2 tbsp drinking chocolate
1 tbsp syrup
1 tbsp caster sugar
8oz/225g plain or milk chocolate

Grease a shallow tin or dish, then pop your biscuits in a sandwich bag and bash them with a rolling pin until you have fine crumbs. Alternatively you can use a food processor, but that won't let you unleash the stress of the day, now, will it?

Pop everything but your chocolate and crumbs in a pan and heat until the butter has melted and you have some syrupy goodness - don't allow your mixture to boil. Remove from the heat, pour in your crumbs and mix well together.

Now all you have to do is press your mixture firmly into your tin or dish, leave to cool, then pop in your fridge for an hour to set...

And finally melt your chocolate, pour over the top, and leave to set.

Enjoy! That's my Monday chocolate fix sorted.

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