Monday, 13 January 2014

The DHL Craft Bloggers' Challenge

A few months ago I was contacted by DHL who asked me if I'd like to take part in their Chinese Whisper chain for craft bloggers. The remit was simple; a group of craft bloggers were placed in a chain, with the first in the chain being given a theme. They could craft anything they liked on that theme, and then those efficient people at DHL would swoop in and deliver it to the next person. No one else would be told the theme, each of us creating something based only on the item we received. This all sounded fun to me so I said a hearty yes and awaited my DHL delivery. 

When a bright yellow cardboard box turned up at my work bang on schedule one Wednesday morning I was pretty darn excited. I was sent an item by Izabela and just look at what I received!

Izabela is one talented lady, and these have the added benefit of being practical too! 

Knowing I was last in the chain, I was very tempted to go on the Pinterest board created especially for the campaign and have a nosy at what the other participants had made, but decided to play ball and only interpret the theme based on the item I had received. So I thought, hmm... 'rabbits... rabbits appear in Springtime...'

So I made this:

Yes, an excuse to prepare for the Spring I'm starting to yearn for, and to use mixed media, which I am all over at the moment. I also hoped it might bring some Springy happiness to its recipient, Nicky, as if she's like me she might be feeling her home is looking a little bare after Christmas. (Or 'bear' in Nicky's case as she is a talented bear-maker.)

We were provided with some Hobbycraft vouchers for taking part in the campaign, which is where I bought the foam wreath and the buttons, oh, and extra supplies of glue for my hot glue gun, which got a lot of use during this make! For the rest I used yarn I'd got free in a magazine, vintage velvet and felt I already had in my stash, a random wooden ladybird I found hanging around in my office at work (sshh), and I made some buttons of my own to finish it off.

I ended up buying a couple more foam wreaths actually because now I fancy brightening up my home with a Spring wreath of my own (anyone got another wooden ladybird knocking around?!) and a second one for Autumn. I'm embracing the magic of the seasons this year!

Thanks DHL for a fun project, I'm off to wear my bunny slippers with pride. Oh, and you and me can both look at that Pinterest board now! I adore those wobbly eyed sheep.

How would you have interpreted the theme?


  1. Love your wreath - and love the idea of the chinese whisper chain :O)

  2. What a super challenge, love your wreath!

  3. Super sweet slippers and love your wreath. What a great and fun challenge. xoxo

  4. Great idea!! And so fun too. Your wreath is fabulous. I never have associated a wreath with spring before. You clever lady.
    Rosie xx

  5. I love the idea of wreaths to celebrate other seasons, and not just Christmas. And it's great that you found a new home for that ladybird - he looks very pleased with his new surroundings. And buttons, well . . . need I say more?! Hx

  6. Oh, this is so beautiful!



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