Monday, 20 January 2014

Introducing the #PostCircle Angels!

I come bearing good news with this blog post.

#PostCircle launched nearly a year ago now (I have birthday plans too, watch this space!) and it all started because my friend Amy mentioned that it might be fun to reignite the lost art of letter writing and receive some happy post for a change, instead of tedious bills and circulars. We both live in Sheffield so it didn't make sense to only post to each other, and so I casually agreed to gather together maybe three or five people to form a 'post circle', and we could send cheery mail to brighten one anothers' days.

Eleven months later, and #PostCircle currently stands at 273 members. By the time you finish reading this post that number could well have changed again. It's been an amazing response, leading to countless new friendships, thousands of days made better, support given in tough times, and the lost art of letter writing well and truly revived.

#PostCircle has appeared in the latest issue of Pretty Nostalgic magazine

My problem is that I have become a victim of my own project. The emails arrive in such numbers that people are sometimes left waiting for weeks before I have the opportunity and energy to plough through them all. Putting the groups together is a time consuming and often mind-fuddling process, which I've been struggling to cope with around two jobs, a small business and this blog. And so I was delighted when I casually mentioned on Facebook a few weeks ago that I'd be needing to ask for a couple of volunteers before long, and three lovely ladies immediately emailed to give up their time to help out.

#PostCircle members and fans of post, allow me to introduce you to The #PostCircle Angels!

These angels are already prolific letter-writers, and passionate about spreading joy in paper form. Two are members of more than one #PostCircle group, and all three are going to help me to keep #PostCircle ticking over so we can all continue to enjoy it.

Clockwise from left: #PostCircle Angels Claire, Annee and Debbie

Welcome #PostCircle Angels! Tell us about yourselves...

A chat with Claire:

You’re already a #PostCircle super-member! What do you love about writing letters and sending happy mail?

I've always loved writing letters and had loads of penpals when I was younger - before email and mobile phones took over! Writing letters now brings back that same feeling that I got then - anticipation,  excitement and the joy of getting to know new people. I get such a buzz from receiving happy mail - it makes a change to get something lovely through the post instead of bills and junk - and being involved in #PostCircle lets me pass that wonderful feeling on to others!

What’s the best thing you have ever received through the post?
My replacement engagement ring! (Replaced because I lost it - a very long story!)

You’re in the Sparrow group. Do you identify with that creature at all?!

I don't identify with a sparrow because I am actually a Fox! (I say that as Fox is my maiden name and not because I think I am a supermodel!! )

What do you think your handwriting says about you?

My handwriting is pretty ordinary and always starts off neat and tidy but the longer I go on the messier it gets - which pretty much describes me every day!

Without post we’d have to find new ways to send paper messages over long distances. What would your message in a bottle say?

My message in a bottle would most likely be 'send more wine!'

What would your carrier pigeon be called?

My pigeon would have to be called Whiskas as he'd end up as cat food (I have two cats!)

A chat with Annee:

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a wife and a working mom of three; I also run my own little graphic design business. I love lists, planning and organisation and have been known to break into a cold sweat around clutter!

I used to be a ballet dancer (before my cherubs arrived). I have 9 and ¾ fingers (amputated a finger in a letter box... oh the irony). I love Paris!

You’re already a #PostCircle super-member! What do you love about writing letters and sending happy mail?

I’ve always loved to write and had a ‘thing’ for stationery for as long as I can remember.  When I was little I saved up my pocket money to go to John Menzies (just like WH Smith) and I had an eraser collection to die for!  I wrote to all my friends, even if they stayed a few streets away, we’d make up names for each other and be excited when the letters arrived and I loved decorating the envelopes.  I still wrote letters up until I was in my thirties (ahem)... Then it changed and was just a little note on the blank side of birthday and Christmas cards as e-mail and Facebook arrived and the art of snail mail slowly drifted into the distance… THEN #PostCircle was born and my love for writing was re-born!

There’s just something magical about writing a note and knowing that whilst you sleep it’s making that journey to brighten someone’s day.  Some simple words of encouragement, acknowledgement and telling someone about your day or special news… you know that when they open the mail they are absorbing your words and (hopefully) enjoying that little piece of happy mail.  I know that each #PostCircle letter I receive brightens my day!

All thanks to you Anna!

What’s the best thing you have ever received through the post?

There’s so many to choose from… one of my favourites was from fellow #PostCircle Angel Debbie, her fabulous letter stretched nearly the length of my living room! I’ve never seen a letter that long and I possibly never will again… oh and, it was double sided!

You’re in the Vole and Otter groups. Do you identify with those animals at all?!

I didn’t know much about the mighty Vole when I was placed in this group. When I researched I found that “the Water Vole is Britain's fastest declining wild mammal and has disappeared from many parts of the country where it was once common.” (source: Not too long after that I was contacted by the Scottish Wildlife Trust to tell me that they have found lots of voles near to where I work, they are living nearby in a place that isn’t common for them to live!  How amazing is that?  They are a protected species now, Go VOLES!

My second group is #TeamOtter which I’ve just recently joined… an Otter’s den is called a couch, that’s my favourite place to be too, on my couch!

I also write to some wonderful ladies from other groups, we hooked up on Twitter via the #PostCircle hashtag.

What do you think your handwriting says about you?

My handwriting can be quite sharp but soft at the edges and often little hearts or birds as I ‘dot the i’s’ …. I think that means I can be quite strict and I do like things in order but I really am a big softy!

Without post we’d have to find new ways to send paper messages over long distances. What would your message in a bottle say?

 My message in a bottle would say (along with my contact details):

I’ve been lost at Sea,
But now you’ve found me,
How much time has passed,
Since my pen touched this last?
Am I breathing the air,
That surrounds everywhere,
Or am I sleeping a slumber,
As above called my number…

A chat with Debbie:

Tell us a little about yourself 

I’m a married mum of two from Somerset, whose life revolves around her family and a multitude of family pets, which includes a cat with thumbs. When I get free time you can either find me out riding my horse, walking the dog, geocaching, or sat at my bureau writing letters.  

You’re already a #PostCircle super-member! What do you love about writing letters and sending happy mail?

I find using a pen very relaxing, be it writing, drawing or doodling.  So I have always enjoyed sending snailmail.
I started writing letters when I was at primary school when my best friend moved away and we agreed to stay in touch by sending letters.  At secondary school I took part in a French exchange and corresponded with my allocated partner before I went to France to stay with her.
In my twenties my boyfriend, at the time, was in the Army and when he was posted abroad I would write letters to him several times a week.
Since having the children, I wanted to get back into letter writing and Twitter has given me the opportunity to find likeminded people who enjoy putting pen to paper and creating happymail. 
#Postcircle has allowed me to connect with some fantastic people in my groups and by searching for #Postcircle tweets.

What’s the best thing you have ever received through the post? 

I don’t think I can narrow this down to one particular item, as every letter, postcard, notelet or card is as individual as the person sending it.
When writing letters some people like to be very creative and others like to just put ink on paper and I am very happy to receive either.  As far as I am concerned if someone has taken the time to put pen to paper and write to me, and in doing so have recorded their feelings, shared some news (be it good or bad) or described a particular event that has happened to them, then that is very special to me and I treasure every letter that I receive.

You’re in the Hare and Ptarmigan groups. Do you identify with those creatures at all?!

Some would say I am as mad as a March hare and I do always seem to be dashing around here and there like a hare would be in Spring.  The ptarmigan is described on the RSPB website as a plump gamebird, so I would say I can relate to the plump description, as I am about to embark on a weight loss regime!

What do you think your handwriting says about you? 

I don’t particularly like my handwriting, but people have commented that it is neat, tidy and easy to read. I find my writing varies depending on my mood, what pen I am using and the quality of the paper I am writing on and has definitely varied in style over the years.  My current style of writing is quite big and rounded, so I like to think of it as friendly and bubbly, which I hope sums up my personality too.

Without post we’d have to find new ways to send paper messages over long distances. How would you send post instead?

If there was no post, I would set up my own horseback delivery service, thus allowing me to enjoy both of my hobbies (snailmailing and horse riding) at the same time.  I would recruit others to do the same and create a network of deliveries covering the UK.

If you'd like to say hello to the new #PostCircle Angels you can find them on Twitter:

and they'll be using the #PostCircleAngels hashtag for their #PostCircle-related tweets.



  1. Great News Anna, and so sorry I wasn't able to volunteer to assist this time around, but with my second baby due in 5 weeks time, I just don't think I could commit. However I'm excited to see that Claire is helping as she is one of my #teamsparrow members :-)

    1. I'm absolutely positive that had I got so far as making an official cry for help the response would have been amazing, as there are so many lovely #PostCircle members. Great to hear about another #PostCircle baby, hooray! x

  2. Pleased to hear you have some help with the Post Circle community now Anna and hello to the lovely angels! (Are they like Charlie's Angels for letter writing?!).

    Thanks to you for such an amazing group to be part of. One of my Post Circle group is now a good friend and we email every day as well as meeting up and sending letters. All thanks to you.

    Claire x

  3. Thanks Anna. Great post and I'm so excited to be a #PostCircleAngel x

  4. Yay great news, such lovely helpers have there xx


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