Friday, 30 August 2013

#PostCircle News

Good news, happy post fans! #PostCircle is opening up to new applications again this autumn. 

Being just one little person meant that I needed to shut the open door policy off while I took a breather from such a big time commitment and refined the application process down as much as possible, but due to popular demand we’re now nearly ready to go again.

And it’s been such a positive thing to see so many exciting tweets and Instagram photos from you guys, sharing the happy post you’ve been sending and receiving! I’ve received some wonderful emails telling of new friends, excited people (and pets!) dancing around the letterbox and the therapeutic effects of sitting down to pen a letter. Oh, and some of you have developed a stationery addiction since joining – it’s a common side effect for which I can only apologise.

Running this project on such a scale has also meant that I’ve learned a lot along the way. Some of you have witnessed my struggle to stay on top of things when life has got really hectic, I’ve had to form a positive working relationship with spreadsheets (bleurgh), and learned the importance of making sure #PostCircle stays manageable at all times.

With this is mind, part of refining the #PostCircle application process has been to come up with some ground rules, for both new and current members. They aren't designed to be harsh or act as an excuse to moan on my part, but it’s become apparent that having them in place is really important to keep #PostCircle the fun project I set it up to be:

Please think carefully before committing to joining. Some people get excited by the idea of #PostCircle and sign up, but then don’t actually write, which is unfair on the whole group and to me as well – each application takes me eight emails to process.  If you’re unsure whether you have the time, please reconsider joining.

#PostCircle is not my only job! When applications are open it takes me around an hour a day to keep #PostCircle running. That’s replying to emails, processing applications, sending out change of address notifications, grouping members with similar personalities and keeping my records up to date. I do this around my full time job, running a business, writing a blog, and a very full diary. Therefore I ask you to be patient when waiting to be grouped, and please don’t send me angry emails – this is a service I provide for free, and in my own time. It’s nice to be nice.

If your group isn’t working out or if people aren’t writing back, please do feel free to send me an email to let me know. I will then send a polite ‘courtesy’ email around the group to check all is well and try and get things moving again. Angry complaints and throwing toys out of the pram are not appreciated – I cannot control how well your group works, but will always do my best to group similar interests together and make sure everyone is happy. 

A number of other post groups have started up since #PostCircle. That's fine by me - the more happy post the better - but please don't use the #PostCircle name or hashtag. It confuses current members and I've even had emails asking to join groups that I don't even know about!

Please please don't email to apply before September 24th, when I'll make an official announcement that #PostCircle is open once again. In the meantime you can track what other post-lovers are up to using the #PostCircle tag on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to this blog via Bloglovin' for updates.

Long may the happy post continue!


  1. Well Done Anna for creating such an amazing community. We all appreciate your hard work so so much and I'm very grateful for the connections I have made. Next month I plan to meet up with another post circler from my group and without you that wouldn't have been possible to arrange.

    I am sad to hear that some people have felt the need to send angry emails or complaints. I hope they will soon appreciate the hard work and effort you have given us.

    Much love and thanks,

    Claire x

    (Team Bunny)

  2. Congrats Anna! Postcircle has been such fun and a really unique way to meet and learn about new friends. I too have a new obsession with finding cute cards :). Let the posting fun continue and maybe one day there might be a Postcircle meet up? :D not to create more work for u! Hehe. You have been fantastic and very inspirational. Congrats again x

  3. I'm looking forward to this opening again. I hope I don't miss the next post like I did the last time!! But it's so much work on your part. I hope your not taking on too much for yourself Anna. It's sounds so stressful for you.
    Rosie xx

  4. Thank you for the update Anna - I'm also looking forward to joining when you open applications. It sounds like you're doing a great job and it's really generous of you to spend so much time on it, I hope everyone appreciates what you're doing! Ruth x

  5. This has been an amazing success Anna and your hard work is very much appreciated. It has been a real treat to rediscover happy post and great excuse to invest in pretty stationery.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    Michaela xxx

    Team Otter!


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