Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Foxy New Friend

I saw this post on making a plush fox on A Beautiful Mess a few weeks ago, and immediately thought of my friend Cerys, who likes bright, bold designs and quirky things! It was her birthday a while back so I popped on eBay for some orange cotton and decided to give making one a go.

And here he is! Meet Foxy Frank...

Foxy Frank is the first project I have completed on my little pink sewing machine!
Anyway, as simple a project as it was, I'm really rather pleased with Foxy Frank, and was able to hand him over to Cerys without apologising for wobbly seams!

Frank all settled into his new home!

Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for another great idea.


  1. He's so cute - even cuter than the original, I think! I want to make some animal/bird pillows soon. Maybe I'll give this one a try!

  2. Thanks, Suki! I have some eyes and noses left over so I may well join you and make another one. Despite my clunkiness on the sewing machine it only took me half an hour, so he was pretty satisfying to conjure up in an evening :)

  3. That is really neat! Have you ever thought of selling your craft-y stuff on something like etsy?

    1. Thank you Leigh :) - my sewing skills are a little wobbly so I think of myself as an 'experimental crafter' just now, but I have lots of ideas and am working towards having a little Etsy shop of vintage and crafts before too long! Shame I can't use this foxy friend as he belongs to A Beautiful Mess, but I think I might have a go at making different animals of my own design.


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