Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Interview With Elena of Randomly Happy

Everyone, if you haven't already, you need to meet Elena. 

I first came across Elena's gorgeous blog, Randomly Happy last year, and have been repeatedly bowled over by her fresh photography style, chipper writing tone and innovative sewing how-tos. If like me you dream of being able to whip up snappy outfits on your sewing machine, Elena's your woman. Her blog also oozes modern, creative inspiration, all with a dash of Italian flair.

I'll hand you over!

 Hi Elena, and welcome to Miss Beatrix! One of the things I particularly love about your blog is your fresh, positive approach to sewing and all things handmade. What is it about making that draws you in?

Aww shucks - what nice things to say! I'm glad you like the blog and think the content's not too awful :)

I started sewing seriously when I couldn't find anything I liked in the shops. I made a skirt, then curtains, and a dress... and well, it's kinda snowballed. But I guess it's always been there in the background - I grew up making and sewing (my Italian mama is a very talented sewer and pretty deadly with crochet and knitting).

Why did you start blogging?

I first started reading blogs while I was sourcing ideas for our wedding back in 2010. There were just so many awesome things about blogging: the ideas, the people, the creativity. I just really wanted to be part of it.

So you're a psychologist! How does this affect your approach to life and being creative?

I'm always analysing people, trying to work out what drives people's behaviour. I'm probably the most tedious dinner guest you'll ever have. But than I also know a lot of random facts about the brain - so it's a tough call.

What was the first item you ever sewed?

The first thing I made on my very own sewing machine was an A-line skirt. But I was one of the founding members of the 'Pins and Needles' gang in elementary school (pretty bad-ass, right?) so the first thing I ever sewed was something really wonky and really hideous.

Are you a fabric addict? Where do you source your clothing fabrics from?

I wish I could be more of a fabric addict! We have such a small house I wouldn't know where to put great big stockpiles, so I tend to stock up when I have a project in mind. Mostly I buy off of ebay, etsy, and occasionally from a man I know at the Brighton bric brac market who finds amazing vintage fabrics.

What advice would you give to a beginner at sewing?

Just give it a go. It's honestly not that hard to start out and you'll be impressed with all the awesome things you can make. And if things go wrong a seam ripper is your best friend.

Where do you see the DIY revolution heading in a few years' time?

What a good question! I love the fact that's it's taking off. When I first started there was nothing really. Just me and some little old ladies shopping in the haberdashery shop in Liberty. But now loads of people are into it - hopefully that means we'll get a bigger choice of fabrics, tools and fun bits.

And finally, any advice to new craft bloggers?

Just get in there and get involved. Find what you like to do and publish your posts. Reach out to other bloggers and have fun.

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Elena! I can't wait to see what wonderful projects turn up on your slice of the web next!


  1. oh thanks for the great link....shooting off to visit her now...I love to find new blogs especially sewing ones...bestest Daisy j x

  2. Thanks so much for having me Anna! I've always loved reading your blog - it's like a cosy friend!

    x Elena

  3. Elena's blog is one of my faves! A great interview :-)

  4. What a talented lady! I am off to read her blog right now :) Also very excited she's local to me. That makes me sound like a stalker.... haha xx


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