Monday, 5 August 2013

Quick Project: Beatrix's Button Collar

It's Beatrix who has a crafty make to show you today...

While every girl likes to change her look, Bea isn't a fan of fripperies and unnecessary clothing, so we try and keep things simple. She has a few handmade bandannas, and a fair few collars, which are all nylon so she can be a proper dog and get muddy, and I can be a relaxed doggy parent who whips them off her and throws them in the washing machine without any fuss.

It did however occur to me lately that it's odd that the face of Miss Beatrix doesn't have any sort of buttons of her own. So I dug out an old collar, which I've never liked, and she never chooses when I open the vintage tin of collary-goodness, and decided to jazz it up for her. 

I spread some buttons out on my craft table and she nosed at the ones she liked, (obligatory safety notice about making sure your pet doesn't choke on such things - luckily Bea learned long ago that eating buttons is one thing we will fall out over!) and I set to work. 

Various Beatrix Potter buttons and a bee one had to feature, of course!

I used a thicker thread than usual and spent extra time sewing the buttons on securely, before making sure she couldn't reach the collar when wearing it. She's been happily trotting around the house in it, tail wagging, and went to show it off to my next door neighbour yesterday. She might be a tomboy, but this girl still loves compliments.

Impatience was kicking in at this point, as Bea spotted a pigeon.

A nice quick Sunday afternoon project, and now my girl has another collar for her collection!


  1. Awh, this is just adorable. I can imagine my dogs being very unimpressed and trying to remove it! Bea is beautiful =)


    1. Thank you Hannah, fortunately Bea is happy to wear collars, though she's been quick to show her disapproval of various coats, even in the coldest of weather! x

  2. Absolutely lovely Anna and Beatrix looks so posh!!!

    Shame my cat won't tolerate a collar as I'd have a go at making something snazzy. I do like those buttons you've used!

    Giveaway now open!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Cats are very clever and know their own minds! x

  3. the collar is cute, but the dog is even cuter!

  4. That is so adorable, shame I don't have a dog.
    Lauren x

    1. You could make one for a friend's dog? x

  5. This so adorable... you have such a lovely dog .... and the collar is so cute as well ... Following you back in GFC ... TWITTER... Bloglovin and facebook :)
    With lots of love

  6. Replies
    1. Dogs are good at the whole cute thing! x


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