Monday, 22 July 2013

Make a Button Bracelet

I adore making my own buttons, but I also collect them and keep my collection in a pretty glass jar! Here's a couple of quick and easy ways to use buttons to make bracelets...

You can buy gorgeous elastic in all sorts of colours on eBay for pence. Cut a length double the circumference of your wrist, dip the ends in either melted wax or pva glue - allowing them to set/dry - then have fun threading your chosen buttons on. 

There's just one rule for this method. Whichever direction you leave the last hole of one button, is the direction you enter through the next. So it might go up then down, then down then up, then up then down, then down then up. This will make the buttons layer up nicely in an alternate pattern. 

Keep going until your buttons reach around your wrist, then simply tie a knot and trim the ends, again dipping them in wax or PVA to stop them fraying. 

You can also double stack your buttons, with smaller one sitting on larger ones. 

If you have one special button too nice to hide among others, you can simply use waxed cotton or baker's twine to wear it as a sort of wrist pendant. Cut a length, double it over, then thread the looped end through one of the button holes. pass the loose ends through the loop and draw tight.

If you use this method you can tie a sliding knot so you don't have to keep tying it on. I shared a quick and easy tutorial for that yesterday here.

Hope your week is full of buttony crafting,


  1. Can you beat pretty buttons in a lovely glass jar?! Very tough to! Although your buttons are actually still on their cards and prominently displayed on my desk actually . . . they are too pretty to part from their tags until the moment I want to use them! :-)

    Button bracelets are so much fun to make - you can be as colour-themed or as wacky as you like. Brilliant summery craft for out in the garden with a cup of tea too :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. I like the way you haven't left any gaps between the buttons so you get a chunky bracelet. I have always left gaps before. Xxx

  3. This is a great idea! I have lots of buttons, and I'm always on the lookout for small things to make for friends for Christmas/Birthdays. I reckon I'll definitely be using these sometime soon :)

  4. beautiful :) xxxx

  5. Oooh thanks for that - will definitely give it a go x Jane

  6. Gotta love button jewellery! I spied your lovely button hairslides coming to your store soon, I am sure they will be a big hit!

  7. These are lovely! I love your plates too actually - perfect for afternoon tea while crafting... ;)

  8. Lovely blog, lovely buttons and lovely plates! Girl after my own heart!


  9. Love that it is so simple and chunky! Agree your tea plates are rather delightful.

  10. Gorgeous Anna, love the colours of the buttons. Really clear tutorial, thanks for sharing. x


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