Friday, 14 September 2012

Cross Stitching My Way to Cool

...To adapt a quote from Matt Smith's Dr Who there.

Eleven year olds are tricky beings. Especially girls who are no longer into toys but are not yet into make up and clothes (thank goodness). Add in the fact that my niece is a sporty tomboy with a penchant for pink and suddenly birthday gifts start to cause a few problems. Luckily Georgia does quite definitely like two things: Super Mario and making things. So I thought I'd combine the two, make her a Yoshi card, then give her a hamper of art supplies to get stuck into for her gift. I actually give her art supplies every year, but this time they're getting a little more sophisticated, to the point where I was buying double of everything so I can play too!

This is the first cross stitch I have done... well, since... ever. As you know I've been doing a lot of embroidery lately but cross stitch kept reminding me of cottage scenes, simpering kittens and poppies. Not true, I know, but I needed to get past my own associations. So I decided that cross stitch is cool, hopped on and got to work. It was really satisfying watching the design come together over an evening.

Next, continuing the theme of the gift I got out my new alphabet ink stamps (she's getting a set too!) to add my own stamp (ahem) to the envelope and the inside of the card. Together with some fun washi tape and embellishments recycled from my own birthday cards I was pretty pleased with the results.

It's not about the objects themselves. Nothing says 'I love you' more than the gift of time and care; something any crafter knows only too well. And I may be able to keep the title of 'cool aunt' for just a little bit longer...

Happy Friday,


  1. What a lovely idea for a present Anna! Your niece will love it after all the time and effort you've put into her gift! Love the little Dr Who mention too ;) Your cross stitch is just so neat and precise! Beautiful! xx

    1. Thanks Imogen, following a cross stitch pattern is like doing a jigsaw, at first you're just trying to add squares and then suddenly the picture comes together! Will definitely be doing more. x

  2. Hello Anna,
    I agree, so much here,as I feel you can always see the 'love' that has gone into making some thing from the heart....
    I wanted to say, I enjoyed your piece again in the 'Nostalgic home' Mag!! Well done you!
    Have a sweet kind of Friday, wont you....
    LoVe Maria x

    1. Aw thank you Maria, glad you enjoyed the mag piece. Yes, the recipient of a homemade gift doesn't always realise or appreciate it is so, but as long as I can be proud to hand it over I don't really mind.

      Have a lovely Friday yourself. x

  3. How wonderful. I think cross stitch is definitely cool. I like giving creative presents too and I am sure your niece will love these. All the little extra touches you have done are going to make her feel so loved and special. She is very lucky. I am in awe of how you did the cross stitch writing on the first photo. Amazing!! :)

  4. Wow! Yoshi cross stitch!
    That's too cool =)

  5. Too cute for words! Yoshi is the cutest Super Mario character ever, if you ask me. Love this - flat out, completely love it! :)

    ♥ Jessica


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