Friday, 21 September 2012

Craft Book Vlog: Super Super Cute Crochet

Join me as I simultaneously laugh at and glomp all over this bizarrely charming latest craft book to be added to my collection...

If you can't view the video you can watch it on my YouTube channel here.

Since making this video I have popped on Amazon to read others' reviews of this title (buy it here), and notice some people comment that they had a few difficulties with making some of the book's patterns work properly, so you may want to bear this in mind if you're not an experienced crocheter.

How to Make Jewellery with Tatty Devine, mentioned in the vlog, is available from The Book People (£3.99) and Amazon (£9.09).

Happy Friday me dears, I'm taking Beatrix to Wales for some beach time this weekend, and will be back on Monday.


  1. Hehe I love how totally wrapped up in the cute pictures you get! I think I probably wouldn't buy it as I don't have any urges to crochet a duck billed platypus, but I can appreciate it is a fun one to look at!

    I have the Tatty Devine one, it's really good!

    Claire xx

    1. What? You mean, you mean... you DON'T want a woolly duck billed platypus?! As I say, one day I will learn to make all of these creatures and my family and friends will flee from my gift giving...


  2. Loved the video! The book reminded me of the little knitted dog book I showed on my blog! I think knitted creatures are fantastic gifts! I love the idea of a little knitted terrier with a tiny Christmas card and some holly attached to its collar! I've also got the Tatty Devine book which I reviewed on my blog, a really interesting and quirky book so I hope you enjoy it! Hope you're having a great weekend :) xx


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