Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lavender Hearts

I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend, whether or not you celebrated the Jubilee (not wishing to alienate any lovely non-UK and Commonwealth readers!) I spent my weekend cracking on with various craft projects, always with the celebrations on tv in the background. I also squeezed some time with friends and a day's walking in Bakewell with my family yesterday.

All in all, I've been left feeling quietly proud to be British, and it was special to see so many people across the country and beyond coming together to celebrate despite Britain being in such dire straits right now. Whatever you feel about the Royals, I reckon our Queen is one amazing lady. I think I'd have needed a curly straw attached to a flask of tea in my handbag to have got through all of those events at eighty-six years old!

Anyway, speaking of strong and special octogenarians, I'm going to be celebrating the eighty-third birthday of my nan this coming weekend, so I've been very busy planning little treats for her. She lives in North Wales several hundred miles away from me, and I haven't seen her for a year, so Miss Bea and I are really looking forward to spending time celebrating her day on Saturday. I'll be giving her the blue Jubilee hat featured in the last post, and I've made her some lavender hearts.

I'm not sure whether it's the dried lavender I get to spoon into them, but these are so therapeutic to make! I've finished quite a few now.

You know when you wear, say, a pair of trousers for one day, and you hang them back in the wardrobe because they can do another day before they need washing? But then next time you come to wear them you can't remember whether you've already worn them or not? Is this just a problem I have? Well I'm now using lavender hearts as markers for such items - and my wardrobe smells lovely.

They're very simple to make but I took particular care with these because my nan was quite the seamstress in her day, so I'm sure my skills will be scrutinised!

All I need to do now is work on the best bit of any celebration... the cake!

I'll leave you with a photo of Miss Bea getting in the Jubilee spirit over the weekend.

Enjoy your Wednesday (woo, short week!)


  1. I find making lavender hearts very therapeutic too! these are gorgeous - I bet your granny will love them. Hope she has a fabulous 83rd birthday!

    1. Thanks, Suki! Lavender should come with a public health warning, 'may make you fall asleep with a needle in your hand!'

  2. Gorgeous little hearts! I'm sure your nan will love them along with that pretty little hat!
    Victoria xx

    1. Thank you, I made her a miniature room box scene of an afternoon birthday tea party for her 80th, so the hat should fit in nicely! x

  3. these are gorgeous!!!!!
    so adorable

  4. Just to let you know- I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Don't feel obliged to take part if you don't want to, but I wanted to include your blog in my links!


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